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Some Economic Background on South Western CO

November 16th, 2022

We were impressed with South Western Colorado as a good place to hang your hat and a pretty good place to run a business. Great labor supply, good transportation and excellent tourist flows. The town is growing in Cortez and up the hill in Durango as well. Their nearest trading partners Montrose and Farmington NM also helped with money flows to the area. We like the area and thought it was completely economically viable and an excellent choice especially for manufacturing.

About the only drawback is the drug issue in the region, but that is with any US City really. It was not as bad there as we have seen in border cities, desert cities of big cities in other parts of the US. We talked with police and city officials about this and they admitted it was an issue, but felt they had a pretty good handle on it and were working hard to clean things up and that it is no longer a growing problem. They know who the bad apples are and they keep an eye on them. Anyway that reminded us of a conversation we had with the City of Cortez Economic Development Association director Bruce A Johnson, who admitted to us they had a drug problem and said even had people making crystal meth in hotel rooms that they rented and advised us that the drugs were made locally and affecting crime rates only a little. Incidentally they shut that tactic down quickly.

Drinking was also an issue with Indians and young white kids getting into mischief that caused several horrific accidents over the years on all the two-lane roads. Lots of car wrecks there, even witnessed a tourist making a slow left turn in front of a local teenager in a Nissan Sentra who broadsided them. Good place for a body shop or tow company. In those Utah cities where the kids are migrating to so they can afford to own homes there are kids hanging out on every corner and everyone knows everyone. The entire area is challenged by the Old West VS New West and Value clash. Value clash of low cost of living, which has self segregated residents, workers and retirees or rich and poor. This has really been an economical development challenge.

The citizens want small businesses not Wal Marts, clean industries and a proper value fit. The areas are growing middle class and upper middle tourism area down town and leaving it difficult for locals to go downtown to hang out and afford things. Some anchor stores have left in shopping centers in Cortez making it an issue for some trying to hold on small businesses. They are willing to give mass incentives to build office parks, but the infrastructure is a problem needing telecommunication systems in place first to compete for company recruitment of mid and large businesses.